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Welcome to Alison Mathey Lambeth Law, PLLC. We are a law firm devoted to the practice of wills and trusts, estate planning, probate, settling decedent’s estates, business formation, and wedding law/planning.


With a decade of experience, at Alison Mathey Lambeth Law, PLLC, clients receive expert legal services and personal attention to provide our clients with complete and customized plans. We always go the extra mile while providing high quality and reliable legal representation.  Alison Mathey Lambeth is licensed to practice law in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.


What differentiates Alison Mathey Lambeth Law from other attorneys and firms?  We provide our clients with value by being flexible and willing to work with your schedule, provide the one-on-one quality time that you need with your attorney, will create a customized plan according to your needs, and provide the utmost customer service and satisfaction.  We will ensure that your task is completed, while tailoring it to your specific needs. Whether it be an office visit, house call, hospital visit, video conference, telephone call or email, you will have many options available to timely communicate with your attorney.  Simply put, we will be fair while looking out for your best interests.


For more information about the services provided, contact us for your complimentary consultation.



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