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Alison Mathey Lambeth has been helping friends, family and clients plan events for years. It was after planning her own wedding that she decided to turn a hobby into a business to help others plan their special event and provide legal services and information while doing so. Alison Mathey Lambeth Law will give you a piece of mind during this exciting and sometimes stressful time. How do legal services for a wedding work?


A wedding is a large investment. In the Washington D.C. area, weddings cost an average of $45,000- a pretty penny to spend. You do not want to drop all that money and have something not go according to plan. You do not want a vendor to skimp or not perform according to the contract. Unfortunately this happens somewhat frequently. Couples will sign multiple vendor contracts, but usually do not fully understand what they are signing or the implications of the said contract. Usually, a vendor sets the terms of a contract. Without a lawyer, there is little to no negotiating power to the terms of the contract. Moreover, a typical wedding planner is usually not a lawyer who is well-versed in the legalese of contracts. While a wedding planner may offer to help review a vendor contract, they cannot provide the valuable advice that a lawyer is trained to do when reviewing contracts.


The act of getting married involves a complex legal process with the state to make it official- licenses, certificates and courthouse visits to say the least.  These forms can be confusing and licenses can be delayed if you do not produce the correct documents.


Some couples may be forming blended families or have property that they want to remain within their family.  Due to this complicated nature, Alison Mathey Lambeth Law can assist with drafting prenuptial and post nuptial agreements, as well as with estate planning that is necessary when you get married.  Things that you might not think about, we will ensure get done. Everything from changing a beneficiary on an IRA when you get married, to setting up basic documents, to nominating a guardian of minor children in the event of their death.  Why not use a one-stop shop, where you can be assured that someone is looking out for your interests the whole way through?


The event planning services offered by Alison Mathey Lambeth Law include full blown event planning, partial planning and serving as a day-of-coordinator. The legal services offered include reviewing, drafting and negotiating vendor contracts, drafting contracts for wedding professionals, drafting pre and post nuptial agreements, and estate planning.


At Alison Mathey Lambeth Law, you will receive personalized organization and event planning that is customized to your special day and will set the pace for the rest of your life.  In keeping up with the latest trends, we will work with you on your budget. We are hardworking, detail-oriented, logistically creative, prompt and have an eye for event perfection. Our goal is to make your day stress-free and as smooth as possible while working together as a team with your vendors for a perfectly executed event.  We strive for an email or phone call back within 24 hours.


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