Healthcare Directives

A healthcare directive (also known as an advance medical directive, medical power of attorney or living will) is a legal document established by the state legislature, which nominates and directs an agent to make decisions regarding your medical treatment, remove life support, direct the disposition of your remains, and direct the donation of your organs.  The named agent can only act in the event you were not able to make these decisions for yourself. We recommend everyone 18 and over have this document in place, as well as providing a copy to your doctors to keep on file. Although this document is portable from state to state, we recommend updating it to your state’s laws when you move.


Considering one’s medical treatment and death can be difficult.  You may not want to address the topic. However, a situation might arise where you need this document.  Having a solid plan in place will help ease the pain for your loved ones and will enable them to concentrate on your well-being instead of making tough medical decisions.


At Alison Mathey Lambeth Law, we will assist in drafting an estate plan that is tailored to your needs and wishes. Every estate plan will be different.  There is no “simple situation” in this line of work.  It is important to have a lawyer review and/or draft your healthcare directive to ensure you are up-to-date and have not ommitted critical language and powers. The law is ever changing.


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